Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday da!!!!!

Dec 31'st- Night 12'o clock...Yes..its going to be the beginning of a new year...countdown started...05-04-03-02-01-00.....sound of crackers around....yes...a new year started...Everyone is busy in wishing happy new year...
But both of us are struggling to wish each other their B'day and New Year together...Question is who'll wish first?
Eventhough we fight to call first,most of the times he's the man who calls me first and he waits for me to say "Happy B'day da.." first b'coz he always wants me to win...Yes....Thats guy..This is what he says about himself.."'m a ridiculous ......or ludicrous human...........however, sarcasm and ironies never shows red card to me..and i never get jeopardized,,'m always thr as ur friend till the last breath of my life,,and may be as a rejuvenated soul full of aura and eternal incarnating spiritual self..after the end. " defenitely he'll be celebrating his B'day in heaven with angels and rest of his friends.
May be he'll try to call me...
Mobile is ringing @ 12...Hello da...Here jubilee celebration is going on..20,000 people are der to celebrate our b'day..can you see that?
Reply from him..Good da..i'm celebrating B'day with jesus and lot of angels in heaven..we are gonna cut our you wanna c the cake?Jst look...nice cake,rt......Dee....since u r dr with 20,000 people both of us are celebrating B'day in an awesome way, don't worry da...i can c u and i was also dr to celebrate with u da.....we'll rock dn't cry..i don't like your crying face..when u r crying,it will make pain for me....Tell papa,amma and achachan  to be happy....U can make them happy....We'll meet one day for sure..
"Yes da....we are missing you so much..But we are sure u r with Jesus and all of us meet together one day as you said...Till that time,to live with courage,tell jesus to give us strength da...."
Sure dee....Jst see and experience the love of God....
(I experienced the love of God da.....seriously as i expected,i face that day with a bold mind...I got Rojo chettan to wish B'day in your place...that too just aside..thats really amazing da.....U r really great...)

Monday, December 20, 2010

INDIAN IDOL 5 ~ Sreeram & Bhoomi on ''PEE LOON''

First X'mas without Him

For last X'mas,I start up my blog with the story of Santa Claus.I'm remembering it as a fresh paint.The christmas celebration at that time was really awesome.we celebrated it from my sweet home what he mentioned "nest".we called a lot of people,decorated home,made a beautiful crib(still i'm remembering it very clearly that we are running to gather grass to make crib from here and der,running to our dearest uppa's and umma's home(uppa is no more nw,may be jeo and uppa met dr) with crackers and a lots.).That was the first day where our Amma wear churidhar(she only saw it in dreams and when it comes as a reality,jeo is the person who encourages her a lot by saying "Amma,its so nice,dn't listen to what others are saying,wear it Amma".Singing carol songs and walking through the road with santa and lot of chocolates in his hand.Especially when its a muslim region,they are pretty much interested in it and most of them don't know,what it is.He told that one muslim lady came with a broom stick and all of them ran away.Actually what happened is that her son got scared when she saw santa with white dress and the most funniest part is that santa's dress is a niskara kuppayam(dress used by muslims for praying).He told this story to us and laughed a lot.i can hear his laughing sound in my ear now.

Again one more x'mas.Its jst like a normal day for us nw.when carol songs are there far away,our heart is weeping.when seeing santa,we are laughing outside and actually crying inside.when crackers are there and people are laughing,our heart is burning.The burning that no one can heal except Jesus.Yes,we can face this x'mas with a bold heart with beautiful flashbacks and memories by believing that he's still with us as our guardian angel.Wishing all of  you a wonderful x'mas ahead.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Today during the tea break,we happened to hear a story from one of my friend,Janu.Its one moment which i laugh a lot.I wish a lot of moments like that to happen again to laugh atleast sometimes keeping all
worries away.
Kusumagiri hospital is so familiar among people over here.Also its familiar to all @ my home
also.B'coz whenever our thought process goes into some particular range or limits,for
joke,we used to say that still 2 beds are vacant in kusumagiri.The story is like follows..
One fine day,she felt a horrible backpain and she wanted to see a doctor.Kusumagiri is so
familiar to her,but she don't know its a mental hospital.she just went to the hospital.She
called her husband and told to come to the hospital.That guy is coming from a long place and
he don't know any of the when he asked to somebody for the hospital,people
starts laughing.He's not understanding whats happening.Finally he reached the hospital.He
saw some shocking seen.The name of the hospital is "Kusumagiri Mental Hospital" and when he
tried to call his wife,phone was ringing and she's not picking the phone.
So what happens within an hour....??????
When Janu entered into the hospital and enquired for ortho specialist,the attender's
understood that she's mad.They caught her and brought her infront of doctor.She started
crying loudly and said that "I'm not mad" as all mad people will utter the same words.
A lot of film scenes and dialogues splashed into her mind.("Jagathy" in junior mandrek,"Revathy" in kilukkam.....).Suddenly she saw a sound outside the room.She recognized her husband's sound.He came inside and explain the story to doctor and finally she got saved from that hospital.(This beautiful,but horrible memories are in her mind always...)
NB:This is a real story which happened recently.Pls pardon,if the orginal characters are reading the story.Also thanks a lot to help me to create this story.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Unanswered questions

Just close your eyes for sometime and try to think the answers for this questions..

Whats the purpose of life?

How to make life happy and interesting?

Do you feel that you are missing somebody?

Are we really lonely in life?

There are a lots of questions which has both answers and without answers.some questions are unanswered one.
It will take a long time to get its answer.All are in search of something.During that search,no time to think,no time to enjoy,no time to live.Just wasting their lives and when looking back,did'nt gain anything.what a pathetic life?Is it for really what we are living?Not exactly.Need to lead a satisfactory life till the end of it."Live each day as u'r last and do things which are really needed"...
Or are we like an uncompleted picture..yet to polish a lot...or yet to be finished...or cannot complete it at anytime....
2day 6 months over ....(Time is going fast....)
All r back to life..the same fastest life....but still Is he really not with me?

REBIRTH,IMMORTALITY AND RENEWAL: How to install Oracle SQL Developer in my laptop?

REBIRTH,IMMORTALITY AND RENEWAL: How to install Oracle SQL Developer in my laptop?