Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Dream which i saw..

Yesterday I saw a dream.I was walking with a lot of people through a narrow road.when i start walking,a lot of people are with me.All of us are talking and walking fast.some people are talking about their past,some people about present and some about future.I also joined in their conversation.But after sometime i'm not able to express my views,ideas..While we are talking,I build great ideas and great dreams.But suddenly i'm feeling like,my dreams are getting shattered.I was trying to speak..But words are not coming.But a lot of tears are rolling through my cheeks.I closed my eyes for a while and looked around.Earth is rotating or i'm rotating.I'm not able to understand anything.when i opened my eyes,i was totally alone.The people who walked with me was not there.Nobody is there to support me or console me.Then i realised that “Loneliness is the most terrible poverty.”I cried loudly..There is nobody to hear me.Again i cried a lot.Then i saw a face.The face of 'Jesus Christ'.What are seemingly losses in our life are not really losses in God's book. Neither what are seemingly insulting, humiliating etc etc... So, whenever you feel lost, insulted, humiliated, just close your eyes, think of your good parents and brothers, praise the lord for having them, and say slowly "Our father in heaven...".. I just tried to visualise 'passion of christ'..Then i realised the fact that i'm so blessed.
Our Heavenly Father is always there
He knows our sadness and dispair
And if we would just call on Him
He will always hear our prayer.

When in our life those stuggles come
And we tend to feel so alone
Our Father is watching from above
With compassion and such love

He knows our every weakness
He sees us when we fail
And yet His perfect love for us
He continues to unveil

He loves to see our childlike faith
As we kneel beside our beds
And share our hurts and broken dreams
Before we lay down our heads

So when you are discouraged
And you think that no one cares
Just give it all to God above
Because He's always there.

I opened my eyes suddenly.Time is 6.00 am..Oh,its the time to go to office.I get ready soon and reached office in time.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

some golden words which touches me from 2 states

Forgiving does'nt make the person who hurt you feel better,it makes you feel better.'
Do you control your life?Your life depends on so many internal organs functioning right.you have no control on them.If your lungs don't cooperate,if your kidney's fail,if your heart stops,it is all over.You'll drop dead now.God has chosen to give you the gift of life,surrender to him.'sometimes in life you just meet someone or hear something that nudges you on the right path.And that becomes the best advice.'

Thank you chetan bhagat.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

what happened to malayalam film industry?

Popular Malayalam film actor Cochin Haneefa died at a hospital in Chennai on Tuesday, family sources said. He was 58.The actor, who also made a mark as script and screenplay writer, dialogue writer and director, was known for his portrayal of character roles in Tamil films. He was at ease with comedy, too.
Salim Ahmed Ghoush alias Cochin Haneefa endeared himself to Malayalam film buffs with many lovable characters. Be it as the warder of the mental health centre in Thalavattom, as Haidrose in Kireedom, Mani uncle in Soothradharan or Thrivikraman in Meesa Madhavan, Haneefa left his indelible mark in them. After making his debut in 1979, Haneefa went on to act in over 300 films in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. Though he started off as a villain, it was his comical roles which made him popular.

Our most valuable stars in film industry is bidding goodbye to us.
Last year, the Malayalam film industry lost veteran director Lohithadas, popular actors Murali,filmmaker PN Menon and Rajan P. Dev, ...Now cochin Haneefa also.Really great losses...

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REBIRTH,IMMORTALITY AND RENEWAL: How to install Oracle SQL Developer in my laptop?