Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who am I?

I was seeking for a long time to get an answer for a wonderful question."Who am I?"The variety of possible answers for the qn "For what purpose uou are living?" is 1)I am living just to eat a lot of food and enjoy life..2)I want to marry and to have a lot of children.....3)To complete the purpose of God ......and a lots......Actually who am I?

God created humanbeings and gave him all the right under earth......Somepeople enjoy life in a good sense according to the purpose of God,by obeying his rules.....But somebody ruined their life and also their surrounding's life..Where is the mistake?All are God's creation,rt.........Some are blind,some are poor,some are rich.............All this variety just to show God's glory.............Is it true?

Faces: Curiosity and Open-Mindedness Toward the World

Faces is a captivating two-minute short film shot in Berlin for the broadcast redesign of Arte TV. The six days of shooting took place on eight to ten different locations each day, and included a large variety of actors. The filmmakers stated values center upon encouraging people to satisfy their curiosity with a sense of respect, friendliness and open-mindedness toward the world.

Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How cute they are?

Babies are so sweet,innocent,cute..........and a lots.........Really difficult to explain......When we saw a cute face of a baby,we forgot our sorrows....Is it?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pain of missing friends

Life is a long journey.From childhood onwards,meeting up new people with different culture,different tastes and different lifestyles.Somebody will touch up our heart for a long time.We make so many friends,some become dearest,some become special,felt in love with someone,some go abroad,some change their cities,some left us,we left some,some use in contact,some are not in contact because of ego,whatever they were,however they are,we still remember,love,miss,care for them,because of the part they played to make beautiful memories......

I hope maybe someday in future,when its raining outside and you are sitting near a window,deep in thought,a memory bout the time we shared together drifts through your mind and a tear drop falls down from your smile thinking about me......about our beautiful days shared together...And believe of that day,I will be the happiest person on earth.not b'coz i made you smile.....but b'coz i was worth your tears........."life is like that,rt..........."

Zoozoos....(Zooming into mind and heart)

Without a doubt the Vodaphone campaign is the most visible campaign of the several that are currently on air and reminds the statement that works wonderfully in advertising and in life:"Either love me or hate me but for God's sake,don't ignore me."

This vodaphone campaign is really different and interesting,especially for women's and kid's......whereever they are,they will come fast to see it at the time of advertisement..........The creators of the campaign remind one of the summer rain that makes people rush out,revel in it and sing!May the tribe of creative rain-makers increase!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nice Quotes About Departure

t's better to think of my life like that - part miracle, part madness. It's better if I accept that I can't control any of the things that matter. My life is a trail of shipwrecks and set-sails. There are no arrivals, no destinations, there are only sandbanks and shipwreck; then another boat, another tide.
Jeanette Winterson

Every day was there to be lived or to mark one's departure from the world. every thing depend on one word "Maktub."
Paulo Coelho : author of The Alchemist
Source: The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

Never seek to tell thy love Love that never told can be; For the gentle wind does move Silently, invisibly. I told my love, I told my love, I told her all my heart; Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears Ah, she doth depart. Soon as she was gone from me A traveler came by Silently, invisibly- He took her with a sigh.
William Blake : English poet, painter, engraver & mystic

REBIRTH,IMMORTALITY AND RENEWAL: How to install Oracle SQL Developer in my laptop?

REBIRTH,IMMORTALITY AND RENEWAL: How to install Oracle SQL Developer in my laptop?