Thursday, August 24, 2017

My internship experience with Title Source, one of the family of companies of Quicken Loans

Internship at Title Source is something different. An intern who is coming with bare hands is going back with hand and mind full of gifts. It is something which is beyond words. You have to experience it. Are you ready? Title Source, Thanks for the experience of a life time.

We, Quicken Loans Family of Companies has 4 pillars of Employer Value Proposition. They are Powered by Purpose, Driven by You, Insistently Different and Distinctly Detroit.

“Powered by Purpose.” –Quicken Loans in the community

Those three words were affirming and challenging at the same time. We talk about purpose a lot, but what does it really mean, and how can we find it through our work? We want to know that what we do matters. When we are guided by purpose, our lives and our work become more fulfilling. What we do becomes more fulfilling when we know why we do it. Our interactions with others in many ways determine how we assess our lives.

During my third week of internship, I got an opportunity for volunteering in “Forgotten Harvest”, a company formed in 1990 which is dedicated to relieving hunger in metro Detroit and preventing nutritious food waste. I felt awesome after volunteering by packing foods for those who need it and felt a sense of satisfaction.

My next volunteering is “Summer in the City” which is exclusively for interns. A day with buddies in the downtown Detroit. Though it was a tiring day, by the end of the day, a handful of memories. The most touching place in the downtown according to me is “River Walk”. What a wonderful view it is. Canada, just in front of us. Wow, it was amazing!

What I’ve found is that everyone’s individual purpose is as unique as our fingerprint, but they all have two things in common. 1) Purpose is about others and 2) Purpose is your anchor. True purpose is integrated with the impact we make beyond ourselves.

 Driven by You- “We empower our team members and if you can make some impact in anything you do, how it will be? Amazing, right!”

We know the key to success is empowering people around us. We want to help people find their voices, develop their talents, discover their purpose, shake up lives—their own, and those around them.

When I started my internship, I spent long hours on the assigned task to achieve success. I realized the fact that to achieve success, I have to drive myself. I volunteered myself for the intern case study. It was about “How can we enhance our client relationship for both our lender and borrower clients?” When I see the topic, it seems to be interesting. We 6 interns done this study and presented our findings and suggestions in front of senior leaders. Some strategies which I felt for empowering myself and the team members are Ask questions, Listen closely and focus on solutions. Applying this strategies, we found some suggestions/ solutions to enhance our lender and borrower client experience. And some suggestions we made got visibility. That end result is the one which boosts your confidence. No matter what, if you are able to make a small impact in the business, that is the thing which gives you happiness.

All team activities are so touching. Whether it is an event happening outside the work environment or birthday celebration or team lunch, every event have its own personal touches which strengthens the relationship between team members.

A quick glance of my favorites in my team.

“Escape the room” – the fastest 60 minutes in my life! But we made it!!

Tech Party- Amazing party with insights about the technology growth and end up with food and dance.

Vanpool- Travel from Ann Arbor to Detroit.

I referred one of my van pool friend to QL. she has given a wonderful testimonial video for QL. “We eat our own dog food “ISM.

A picture after my final presentation- Happy faces J

ISMs in action- QL chairman Dan Gilbert told the story of each ISM and explained why they are important to our team’s culture. We experienced why it’s about who we are, not just what we do.

From my internship, I got opportunity to attend various trainings, private bus tours, volunteering, team events, intern events like intern palooza, ISM’s day and more. This makes QL different from others. Technology events. Tesseract- our Technology team’s weekly afternoon dedicated to innovation.

Once again, our movement is Powered by Purpose, Driven by You, Insistently Different and Distinctly Detroit. We believe exceptional team members deserve exceptional benefits. It’s why we’ve been named Computerworld’s “Best Place to Work in IT” four years in a row.

The reason Quicken Loans is such incredible places to work? That’s easy: Our culture, Our People and Our Technology drive our business.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

If not writing today, I may miss this...

I think this is the perfect time for quoting some of the funniest talks of Adiv. Otherwise, I may miss it on later point of time.

I found Chicken Masala Dosa one of Adiv's favourite dish. Today after coming back from play ground, he told me "Kakkasa, Kakkasa".. I was wondering what he was asking. He pointed his hand on dosa Tawa and started shouting "Kakkasa" and I understood its the "Masala Dosa" he is asking. Another thing he used to say is "Bobori". It took a long time for us to understand that according to Adiv, "Bobori" is hair. Am just thinking how innocent kids are.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Trust Vs Truth in Relationship

There are certain factors which needs to be considered in a relationship. One of the most important factor according to me is "Telling the Truth". Even though you know you will lost your head by telling the truth, go ahead. Sometimes, It may save you instead of killing. As 'Truth' and 'Trust' go hand in hand, I can say If "Truth" is missing, "Trust" factor broke which in turn broke the relationship. So be honest to each other.

In a Person's life, most important factor in maintaining relationship is 100% transparency. There may be a chance to add up more lies upon one another and finally end up in hearing the truth from a third Party. Here the "Trust" factor breaks. So how can he believe his friend in any other deals? Quite impossible. So whatever it is, be truthful and may be the solution needed is just a "Sorry" from him to continue the relationship. It is easy to break up something, but not easy to reunite it. Once broken cannot be combined.

I would like to narrate a story which broke the relationship to strengthen my point about Truth.
Long time back, when I was in my college, my roommate in College hostel seems to be missing during the study vacation. I got a phone call  from her mother asking about her. I called her boy friend and asked If he knows where she is. I am pretty sure, without his knowledge, she won't go anywhere. He started telling lies to me and ended up saying the truth that she's with him. As an Individual, he was one of the best students in College and with this incident, the "Trust" factor breaks and all confidence was lost.

Among all possible behaviors, honesty would be my first concern and the most important consideration in a relationship.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A fresh kick off

Long 2 years of gap. But I wanted to write something today at any cost .But my mind is obscure or obfuscates or equivocate or unclear or uncertain what exactly to scribble.
Another new phase of life started a few months ago just because of my God's grace. I felt myself so fortuitous which is a truth as it’s harder to reach the American dream so easily for so many people. Even though a great dichotomy happened in my life, I strongly believe my jeo is a harbinger to make our way ascertain. I used to feel his preternatural or superficial presence which is lasting or enduring as well as which gives bolster or (Support and strengthen) morale to support for a brisk life.
I am proud of my Al, as he is the one who makes me to be optimistic in life. I used to be cynical most of the times with apathy or absent minded and used to sham or dissemble or bogus as if I am happy. Later I felt myself absurd of what I am doing. We should be expressive. If we are sad, cry until our mental emotions become calm. If we are happy, laugh till our stomach bursts. This great lesson in my life helped me to ameliorate or diminishes my excruciation or agony to an extent.
I would like to improvise or extemporize or elaborate without preparation more about my US life as it is so fresh. You can sense more rife or frequent occurrence of my little champ Aadi here. He was reluctant to relinquish or free involvement in the group of people during his starting days here. As time goes by, his tone and rhetoric increases and it made me more confident that his plastic or malleable mind can mold into any desirable shape.

Is it?

Your life is composed of happiness, love, and chasing your passion. You stay bright and upbeat even when things suck. You've been audacious, and rightfully, your life is full of spontaneity. Sometimes it can make some people a bit jealous. But that doesn't bother you at all. You've always kept your cool and ignored all the haters, because after all, you've found your passion and you refuse to be anything but happy!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Changing Seasons

I can see the morning sun shines into my window.
I am awake from a wonderful dream
And I felt if it is never ending..
I can see the leaves of the trees shaking
And the rains falling down with beautiful sound
So suddenly where the sun hides.
Not feeling like to get up from bed.
But lot of works waiting for me
The rain stops and the bright sun peeps through the window.
Suddenly I got up and looked around.
But dear and near ones are not there
Seasons drift me far away
And I felt am so lonely
Oh, how I long to see you again.
Counting the beautiful days spent with you.
When you will be again near me with your beautiful smile.
For I miss you so very much, like a phoenix bird without a wing
All my life I have wanted the strength, the power, and the courage to support you my dear.
For that I will take all the pains with smile.
Don’t feel that you are alone as you are the sun that shines forever.
You are the butterfly that I can see daily in butterfly garden
When it is flying around me, I feel that you are near me
You are the rainbows I can see
You  are sweet like soft scent of a rose.
You bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.
You are the one I care for, the one I love, and the one I long to see once more grow bright
and beautiful
and am sure you will achieve the one you want...

NB: I wrote this poem when I was working in Wipro, Bangalore (2013)

(Achieved on 2017 August)

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

chila ormakurippukal Jeo..ninakku vendi..

 - Jun 20, 2010-daffoldil s
missing you
My dearest JEO if at all u are seeing this and reading this then monu i think u ll understand wat place u held in our much we love much we miss u.this dent will remain one will be able to fill it.. Ur smile, Ur comments....even now my eyes are flooded with tears...u should have stayed here in vizag..then perhaps u wud have still been with us.
Wat can I say except that God loves u so much..He did not want u to suffer more..He has taken you into His loving hands.His loving care....

Jeo kutta..I miss u badly..the pain is still deep in my heart..i never realized that I had so much place for u in my heart..I was searching u on orkut to get u and within two days i hear that u have bid us farewell.........

Miss u..ll pray for you...

Love you Jeo. You were the sweetest guy.Jeslyn Thomas - Jun 10, 2010

Ente Jeokkuttanu soni chettante ormakkurippu..
Nee Njayarazhcha (6-June) athiravile eeshoyude aduthirunnu enikku vayarilakkavum shardiyum thannu enne ksheenippichu kidathi.. Nee enne pareekshicchathanennu njan ippol manassilakkunnu.. Asukham oru kaaranamaayi paranju njan ninne kaanaan varumo ennariyaan nee nadathiya oru pareekshanam... Ente ponnu mone, njaan hospitalil poyi antibiotics drip eduthu aarogyam sambharichu ninne kaanaan vannu.. not because I loved you so much, but because you loved me so much.. you loved nelin chechi, and my children so much..

Ente kunjungalkku vendi nee ninte peru churukki J-uncle (Jungle) ennakki.. "Juncle" ennu ninne vilikkumbol ente makkalude mukhathe santhosham njan engane marakkum.. Nee May-16'nu phonil vilichappol, ente Mareena mol Juncle ennu vilichu thullicchadunnathu ente manassil maayathe nilkkunnu mone..

Ente Theresa molkku nee "Trees" ennum, Mareena molkku "Marine" ennum perittu.. Aa vili kelkkumbol ente kunjungal santhoshikkunnathu kandappol, aa santhosham ennum kittumennu njan mohicchu..

Nee poyathu "Trees" molude birthday'kku krithyam orazhcha munpu.. Ente daivame, ninte verpadu divasam njan orikkalum marakkathirikkatte..

Enne nee "soni chettaaaa" ennu pathinja snehamasrunamaaya shabdathil vilikkumbol, nee ente swantham aniyanallathe pinne aaranu??

Ente bharayayodu njaan orikkal paranju, njangalude kudumbathil enikku ettavum sneham ulla makkalanu Jeo-Jis-Jimesh ennu.. Aa sneham ennum nilanirthanamennum, athinu vendi praarthikkanamennum..

Ningal Kottayathu veedu vekkumbol, athinu aduthu thanne veedu vechu ningalude aduthayirikkan njan sthalam vaangi. Ini njangal veedu vechu avide varumbol, nee maathram eeshoyude aduthu ninte pathivu kallachiriyumaayi.. alledaaa...

Ninte Pappakkum, Mammikkum, Achayanum, Jisinum support aayi ninte soni chettanum, nelin chechiyum, marine'um, trees'um jeevanulla kaalam muzhuvan undaakum. Ninte pareekshanangalil iniyum jayikkaan ee soni chettan shramichu kondeyirikkum.

Ente ponnu mone.. Ennum nine orkkum..

Divya Maria James--Kunjaechyde kunjikuttan

aaa neettiyulla vili njaan eppozhum kelkkunundedaa kuttaa.

seminar...presentations.....medsurg....Cyberknife....Sundari cool pics......enthokke kaaryngalaa ee chatter box vaa thorathe paranjondirunne.

How blessed we all are to have someone jst like u...U made our life brighnt nd happy.

The momnt i heard abt this shockng news I got wonderd how cruel the destiny is....!!!
It took me a couple of days to accept the fact dat evry sorrows are to be turned to praise...!!

Enthokke paranjaalum ente panchaarakutta aa nishkalankamaaya kallachiriyum
aareyum kayyiledukkunna aa samsaaravum ormayil ennum undaavum. OOrkkan sughamulla oraayiram ormakal maathram baakki vechu kunjechye vittu nee poyille.....

And to my grt surprise valare vaikiyaa mone chechi ariyunnathu our parents knew each othr since many yrs...even before we met each othr...ente navya moleyum naveenkuttaneyum pole till my last breath u ll alwys remembered.

"Miss chechi...."this is how our chat usually ended.
ini praarthanakal maathram......

kunjaechyde chakkarakuttan eeshoyude madiyil urangikkoo.....we ll meet der da kutta

our dear sir cared us very much—Gibu James
jeo sir we cant believe this sir coz your sweet smile and wits and your class during study time is very close to us, we will never forget u sir.......we will meet again in rest in peace......

Babitha Catherine- my sweet jeokkuttan sweet little brother..........its quite hard to believe that he is no more there with us.....he was the youngest in our family......naughty...cutie...loving...
we were together in wayanad on last jan 3rd.while he was about to leave the home he hugged me tightly and kissed me,it was an unusual one...ninte kuttikkali ini ennada maarunne ennu chodich njan ente kochine kaliyaaki..ini namukk enna kanan pattunnathennu aarkariyam babichechechee...ennavan chirichondu chodichu...pinne njan ente kuttane kandath........................
ini enikkarada non stop aayi sardarji jokesum tintumon jokes um ayachu tharan ullath........?babichechi "chempattu nadu" kandalle ennu chodich enne kaliyakkan ini aarada jeokkutta ullath?ara enikku australiayil poyi varumpol perfume kondetharunnath....?
saramilla kanna.....u lived like a prince...u were enjoying until the last hour of ur life...jeevithathinte karutha avasthkalonnum kanan nilkathe nee poyi.....pakshe sankadamoneda...ninne korachoode snehikkanamayirunnu...korachoode care cheyyanamayirunnu...kshmikkaneda....
eeshoyude madiyilirunnondu nee chirikkuva alle......we love u mone.....we miss u a lot....pray for us............ummmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa
- Jun 9, 2010
A lovely tribute to our lovely friend _jeo thomas
hi all.....i hope we never ever forget our dear friend Jeo...
Jeo exists in our hearts forever and ever.....And all his friends plz do keep sending ur regular scraps to his scrapbook to keep his profile alive...N am sure u will get his reply :-Or atleast he would offer his iconic cute smile @ u from d doors of heaven:
then thanks to jubychan for taking such a gr8 initiative in the ever-lovely memory of our beloved jeo.
Dear Jeo we only just lost ur physical presence amongst us but virtually in every breath we take,in every second we live ,in every beautiful things we do I am sure YOU WOULD BE REMEMBERED because with this very little time with us you have created such a wonderful memories of a million years.......YOU ARE ETERNAL MY DEAR JEO.....!! 
with love & tons of prayers its me nisar vm________
June10, 2010
it is very difficult to move out of d memories, as soon as i log into orkut, just move into depression, was in a social isolation for 2 days, i just cant come out of it, yes guys plz keep his orkut active by scrapping on all festives n occassions,
 - Jun 11, 2010
Thanks juby chetta...for creating such a oportunity, to express ourself in Jeo's departure.So that,V could make others understand that,how much we all cared and loved him.Let him always alive in our hearts......

Soni Pm-june 12-2010
Prayers for Jeo
We gathered in LOGOS retreat center today and dedicated a Holy mass for Jeo and family.

Jismol is extremely upset still and I request you all to pray for her. Let her soon be back to normal..
Divya Maria James - Jun 13, 2010
hey jismol.....

All our support nd prayrs are vth u da....Just cherish all the wonderful moments u both had togethr....he was GODs precious gift to all of us....Since he was toooo precious God wanted him back bit more early....!!!
His life was jst the reflection of Gods blessings...and Jismol u r soo
lucky to be born as his twin sister...Though I hvent seen u he has said a lot about u.
May HolySpirit give u the strength nd courage......Our prayers ll be vth u dear.

Dennis Robert- Jul 27, 2010
I studied with Jeo for only two years and I have to admit he is always one among the main characters of the anecdotes of those days. I don't want to say anything eulogic.Nor do I want to cite examples about his most lovable friendly personality, but just that he deserved a lot better than this. :(. I just hope there is no afterlife so that he won't feel the pain of his death. . Jeo will always live long in our memories.

My internship experience with Title Source, one of the family of companies of Quicken Loans

Internship at Title Source is something different. An intern who is coming with bare hands is going back with hand and mind full of gifts...