Thursday, February 04, 2010

some golden words which touches me from 2 states

Forgiving does'nt make the person who hurt you feel better,it makes you feel better.'
Do you control your life?Your life depends on so many internal organs functioning have no control on them.If your lungs don't cooperate,if your kidney's fail,if your heart stops,it is all over.You'll drop dead now.God has chosen to give you the gift of life,surrender to him.'sometimes in life you just meet someone or hear something that nudges you on the right path.And that becomes the best advice.'

Thank you chetan bhagat.


Cijo Thomas said...

reading Chetan's Novels!

Becky said...

definitely words to live by

deeps said...

how u doing?
back to pune ha?

yup, words with golden rays

Cullum Family said...

thanks for visiting and the follow on my blog...these words are golden...thanks for sharing them.

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