Monday, November 29, 2010

Life-Unexpected crossover

After a long time,again back to my life.
Went through all pains,troubles and lots to face again.Gains lots of strength and nothing is there to happen again.Experienced the worst in my life.As someone says "Experience is the best teacher"..Is it really true?
As i can quote in big words "Life is a mystery and Death is a reality"
No one is thinking about the end of their life.All are in a hurry to live and they are thinking that they are actually living.But its totally wrong.All living people in this world are actually verdicted to die.That day can come at any time.
Those people who die are really living in the heaven.They are actually enjoying the heavenly life.
When we are living in this world,we need to drive our life.Only way is "Stop being a prisoner of your past.Become the architect of your future.Savor the journey and live each day as your last"
Jesus said."I am the resurrection and the life.Whoever believes in me will live,even though he dies"
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