Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm the star of this show

After a long time, I thought of writing something today.Yes..I think writings are best method to keep ourselves busy.Either the matter is something happy or sad, whatever it is.
As one year passes I expect to feel a lot better than I may actually feel.
Can't actually say it is "slowly fading". Even, too, as we cannot imagine moving on, we do; because each day comes and goes, and here we still are, going through the motions and getting through each of those days.I am sure that there is not a single day of mine which I am either talk about the lost my half or at least think of him.I got really surprised when I got a treasure exactly resembles my twin in one or other way and I am strongly believing it is the gift of God to heal my deep wounds.
The place where I step into is a place where I am totally unexpected.Yes..I never expect being in Chennai, the hot city.All are surprises for me sometimes.When trying to find the meaning of life sometimes, the gift which I got is showing it correctly.Giving each other or love can heal anything.I experience it a lot.Life is like a wave.In each and everyone's life, we can find strong waves as well as light waves.But whatever the waves force, we shouldn't shake.The best way to stay stable is God Almighty.He can direct our lives like anything.Surrender everything to him and just go ahead.In all doubts, he will tell..come..this is the why you are fearing?
Developing an "I'm the star of this show" attitude can help guide us to go ahead.Sometimes we may feel it as so complicated, but give time so that we can find it as so easy.Always keep your mind young and happy just like a 2 year old baby.
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